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Here at Food Monki, we take every possible measure to protect your personal information. This means preventing unauthorized access to the information you supply to us, as well as preventing misuse, loss, modification or disclosure.There are a number of different measures we use to achieve this. We will outline these measures on this page.

Protection Measures

Security Protocols

Everything you send to us via the secure pages on our website and application is transmitted via a secure connection. We deploy a secure sockets layer, or SSL, to connect to your browser, and we do not permit the connection if SSL is not supported.

Secure Codes

We use coding practices that have been developed with security in mind. Our developers carry out coding that deals with the latest threats and the risks of operating online.


We deploy the latest encryption technologies to provide an extra layer of security to information and data that is sent or transmitted across our application or our website. Automatically generated security keys help you to verify that you are connected to the genuine Food Monki website.


We utilize hardware firewalls that keep track of transactions carried out across our servers. Any unusual transaction will be examined and assessed, and you may need to verify your transaction in some cases.

Anti-Virus Technology

We scan all of our systems for viruses using the latest tools. We do our utmost to protect you from viruses with regularly updated tools and practices. However, we cannot guarantee that the system is 100% virus-free.


Backing up takes place every day, and we hope to back up our files and our systems even more regularly in the future.

User Behavior

While we take security very seriously and put in place a number of different measures designed to keep you safe as you browse on our website and on our application, some of the responsibility for security and safety remains with you. It is up to you, the user, to make sure that your anti-virus software is regularly updated and that your computer or other hardware is protected from malicious attacks. It is also important that you use our site and our application in a safe manner and that you do not engage in any communication, behavior or action that could put you or others at risk. Finally, it is your responsibility to look after your passwords and log-in credentials. These log-in gateways are very difficult for hackers to intercept, and so it is the human custodian of the password who becomes the potential weak link in the chain.

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