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The team here at Breezy Spoon, and everyone associated with our company, is serious about privacy and pledges to protect your privacy rights under Australian law, as well as the National Privacy Principles.

Within this document, we refer to all personal and business data as "Personal Information" and will refer to the full privacy policy as the "policy."

Who we are

We are Breezy Spoon Platform Partners. Our website address is:

Handling Personal Information

We collect your personal information whenever necessary. This includes information you volunteer to us as well as information collected from your use of the website or application. We use this information to improve the products and services we offer to you.

Some information may be related to identity, including name, address and email.

Other information may include visit frequency, visit duration, page view totals, and other types of user behavioral information. Cookies and web server logs may be deployed to collect this information. This information is not linked to your identifiable information and is therefore not traceable to you.

Information Usage

There are a number of reasons why we collect this personal information. These include but are not limited to:

  • Carrying out a financial transaction
  • Registering you as the owner of a product or service you have purchased
  • Improving the products or services we provide
  • Carrying out business operations
  • Offering customer service and support
  • Gathering feedback Informing you about future products, services, offers or other developments, or of changes to our site
  • To fulfill our legal obligations, including those relating to taxation.

Find more details on information usage below.

Transaction Completion

We will need the name, delivery address and all financial information necessary to complete a transaction. We may also reach out to you for more information if we cannot complete your transaction.

Product Registration

When you purchase a product or service from us, you will need to register it to your name in order to use it. This protects you by preventing unauthorized personnel from using your product or incurring additional charges through upgrades and offers.

Conducting Transactions for All Parties

We are required to provide personal information to our service providers when carrying out transactions. This is done in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Providing Customer Service and Support

Following registration, your purchased products and services will be connected to your name and contact details. This enables us to offer you customer support when required, and also to provide swift and relevant responses when you contact us. We will also update your information as and when required, following instances of support.

Access to the Website and App

We will store your information to allow you to access the website and application in a manner that is relevant to you and your situation. You will be able to update the personal information on file from your account, on the website and on the application. We claim no liability or responsibility for the privacy policies of any of the third-party websites or applications we link to.

Information on Cookies

When you access our site or application, a text file will be stored on your computer and will then be used to enable the website or application to recognize your computer whenever you visit. The file is known as a cookie. This is standard practice for website or application operators today.

These cookies also enable us to gather information about your activity on the site, including visit duration and favorite pages, and use this information to improve your experience on the site.

Cookies are not used to collect personal information and are instead used to gather aggregate data on user behavior.

Sharing Data

As part of the operation of our business, we will sometimes enter into partnerships with third-party organizations. In accordance with this partnership, we may share some of your data, including name, physical address and contact information. This will support these third parties in offering products and services that may interest you.

Either us or our affiliates may offer aggregate user information to these third parties. This information may include data gathered from your own activity as a user, but it will not be linked to any personal or identifiable information, except in circumstances outlined within this policy document.

We will work with law enforcement agencies if requested and will supply all information legally required of us.

We may also need to share your data with third parties in order to fulfill the services you have paid for.

Data Protection

We do store customer data and information, and this storage may be carried out in physical or electronic form. Whichever form we choose, you can be assured that we take all appropriate measures to ensure its protection and security. This means putting in place protections against unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

We deploy a variety of different methods to ensure this is the case. These include:

  • Operating a strict policy of confidentiality among employees
  • Operating a strict set of protocols for secure document storage
  • Deploying the latest systems access security measures
  • Conducting confidential or sensitive discussions only in the appropriate locations and environments
  • Operating strict requirements for user identification, and refusing to provide information to anyone who cannot meet this requirement
  • Operating strict access policies at our premises
  • Putting a range of measures in place to ensure the secure transmission and transport of data (find more details about this below)
Data Transmission and Transport Policies

When you input information to our website or application, it is encrypted using a standard security protocol, or SSL.

We ask you only to send information to us via the forms and input fields on the website or app, as these are encrypted — email is not encrypted and not recommended for sensitive information.

Accessing and Modifying Information

The National Privacy Principles protect your rights as a consumer. This means you can contact us at any time to find out what information we hold on you, and modify this if necessary. Use the Contact page to get in touch.

Notice of Consent

By using this website and our application, you are understood to have read and agreed to all of the terms within this privacy policy. This is considered to be your notice of consent.

Changes within the Privacy Policy

We may sometimes decide to make changes to this privacy policy, and we reserve the right not to notify you about this. All changes will be published here.

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